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5 Facts About Hydrogen Cars. 1. Two Basic Types of Hydrogen Vehicles Today, most hydrogen transportation research and development is focused on hydrogen fuel cell

The 2008 FCX Clarity - Honda Cars - New and Certified Used Cars from
Learn about the Honda FCX Clarity, the world's first dedicated platform hydrogen vehicle. It's the zero-emission sedan of the future. A reality today. Developed with

Hydrogen Fuel - Energy from reacting hydrogen (H2) with oxygen
Hydrogen Cars Now Features information and news concerning hydrogen cars, fuel cells and the building of the supporting infrastructure. Hydrogen Directory

Hydrogen Cars Now
Hydrogen cars will start rolling down the highways and roadways of our nation in a few very short years. Will you be ready?

Hydrogen Powered Cars Will Never Work | etbe - Russell Coker
One of the most important issues for a commodity fuel for vehicles is that it be convenient and safe to transport. For quite a while LP Gas has been available

Hydrogen - Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry
Nasa: The Space Shuttle’s external fuel tank (orange) filled with liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen cars emit water rather than pollutants.

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Abstract. The project resulted in a conclusion on whether hydrogen cars can replace gasoline powered cars. The project investigated the cost, lifespan, and efficiency

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In the future, driving will be emission-free. And with the BMW Hydrogen 7, the future itself in the real world too: we're putting 100 of them to the test as loan cars

DIY – Convert Your car to use Hydrogen Today
Anyone can hook up hydrogen to a cars intake and tune. It takes a bit more to get a hold of materials that won’t end up like the hindenburg.

Which way ahead for hydrogen cars? - Academy of Science
The quest to make hydrogen the fuel of the future Which way ahead for hydrogen cars