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Austrian manufacturer MagnaSteyr has adapted technology developed for
BMW eventually built 100 of the hydrogen-fuelled cars, which also use regular petrol. The luxury sedans are still used to shuttle VIPs at special events.

First Commercial Hydrogen Filling Station Opens - IEEE Spectrum
SunHydro opens a solar-powered hydrogen station in suburban Connecticut with an eye toward an East Coast chain

Hydrogen ( 7-Dec-2008) - Formal Reasoning Group
The large scale use of hydrogen for cars requires a very large investment in infrastructure. I suppose present gasoline stations can have hydrogen tanks and hydrogen

About Luxury Cars |
Luxury cars are a range of automobiles that provide drivers with features that are in some way superior to those offered on typical cars. Luxury cars are identified

Hydrogen | Hybrid Cars
The Drawbacks of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars The concept of using hydrogen fuel cells to power the next generation of vehicles is often posed as the solution to the many

Hydrogen Cars Pros and Cons - Buzzle
Hydrogen cars are believed to be a great alternative over their gasoline counterparts. Here is an article that acquaints you with the concept of hydrogen

Hydrogen Car Kits | HHO and Biodiesel Kits for your Car or Truck
Hydrogen Generator Kits . Until hydrogen cars become mainstream, if you want to start saving on gas and want a quick and easy solution, then these Hydrogen Generator

Fuel Cell Vehicles
FCVs run on hydrogen gas rather than gasoline and emit no harmful tailpipe emissions. Download EPA's MPG Ratings | Find and Compare Cars | | Info for Auto Dealers |

Hydrogen Cars
Will hydrogen cars be outdone by electric? Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect & Climate Change are undoubtedly, the single biggest threat to humanity.

BBC NEWS | Business | Honda makes first hydrogen cars
Japanese car manufacturer Honda has begun the first commercial production of a zero-emission, hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle. The four-seater, called FCX Clarity